Storage, Hutch, Cabinets and More

Storage, Hutch, Cabinets and More

Custom Storage Builds Spice Rack

Storage featuring custom built items designed by our clients and Madera.

For kitchen, dining and household areas that make your kitchen complete.

Real wood and glass panel options available. 

Storage options include:

  • counter top hutch
  • drawers and their space dividers
  • shelving for dinnerware, platters and beverage ware
  • spice racks for better access
  • simple designs and custom panels
  • slides for easier access to items stored further back in cabinets

How can I build the kitchen of my dreams? What is the best wood to use for building cabinets?

How long does it take to finish the storage cabinets once we agree on what we need for the project?

These are questions we answer with our custom builds for your space.

We spend the time answering your questions and reviewing the desired minimums for your space.

The return on investment with Madera goes up with each piece we create.

Remove the worry with our hassle free estimates. We provide estimates for the favorite options on your checklist.