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We are feeling Thankful as the year winds down.

Sharing a meal with our family and friends means the world to each of us. Just as there are full tables with gathered people, we think about the special clients we have served this year.

The kitchens we have spent many hours to make into modern and functional spaces gives us a grateful feeling. Being on top of projects that require small to large undertakings are exciting to begin and finish. Just as much as homeowners, we too are celebrating when everything wraps up.

We thank each of our clients in a special way this year.


Simply put, we are thankful to have this career - building, working with our hands. Sometimes therapeutic and at times laborious - we appreciate the work. Rough hands means we are doing our job.  From knobs, to drawers, sliders, the planers and tools we use daily - these are the details in the wood we love.


Gaining the trust of our clients is a process. From the first consultation to the last phone call that we're done, we value working honestly and with great efforts required. Trustworthy and considerate of our clients is not something we take lightly. No matter how difficult or long the process, we are thankful for each customer. Thanks for entrusting your home to us!

What's New In Cabinetry

WHY CUSTOM? We start from scratch to build anything you need. From an odd-sized space or nook to a unique kitchen island, we can create a look to fit almost any standard you require. We’ll guide you through the process so we can design and install cabinetry that fits your space and functionality desired.
Paint, Stains and Styles. We know what the latest styles and finishes are. We concentrate on designs that are of premium quality and personalized start-to-finish service, Your designs are always considered first, and we help you along the way so you can make better decisions.
The quality of the cabinets you choose will be determined by your overall budget for the project. There is a wide range of pre-fabricated cabinetry available in the market today, but the quality tends to be poor for the price. Materials and labor go a long way in determining cost, as do the additional features and accessories you want to add to your cabinetry. The highest quality kitchen cabinets are a combination of high-end materials, quality workmanship, and unique finishing touches. Materials we use to create quality cabinets are a signature of Madera Remodeling.
Your cabinets do not have to be limited in storage options. Free up space with custom cabinets from Madera. We provide a variety of exceptional cabinet styles, sizes and colors that can be customized to the needs of your home. If you need cabinets that work with your existing kitchen or bath, we help with all of the possibilities. Our team can assist you with your kitchen cabinet design and will complete your custom-made cabinets in a timely manner. We guarantee the storage to suit your needs and style.
November 22, 2018

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Gathered People Around the Kitchen We are feeling Thankful as the year winds down. Sharing […]
August 29, 2018

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August 26, 2018
Ceiling Top Cabinetry

Custom Cabinetry

Why Custom? If you are someone who lives to entertain friends or family, quality kitchen […]
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