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Kitchen Islands

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Why Madera Remodeling? What Others Say…

I couldn’t believe how my kitchen turned out after Madera Remodeling finished.
What a great experience and final work! I would use them again for my next project.
~Stacy M.

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Our custom cabinetry is modern, therefore our designs will add value and style to your home. We focus our designs for kitchens, home cabinetry, bathroom remodeling and house remodeling.

Team of Pros

We are a team of experienced remodeling professionals serving customers in the San Antonio areas. We focus on design and build – from concept to completion. We focus on kitchen and bathroom remodeling, but we are glad to take on entire home renovation projects.

Choose your products, your satisfaction counts!

Madera makes our clients a variety of kitchen and bathroom products. We provide services necessary to create their dream space. Because we take pride in our installations our work is guaranteed to satisfy. We help you make important design decisions for cabinetry, fixtures, tile, counter tops and much more.

Committed to You.

If you have a new bathroom renovation or need to hire a kitchen renovation service, Madera Remodeling can help. We believe in keeping our clients happy and are therefore committed to working with you for a smooth transformation of your spaces. What is the conclusion? That our makeovers will turn your living areas into a place you can finally be proud to live in.

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Remodeling with design, style and a process that makes your dream home a reality. We Work With Your Budget!

We work with Residential Home Builders to build with Quality