Let Your Bathroom Make A Statement

For residential customers we know you demand quality and functional cabinets. We have solutions and design capability for your needs.

You will be surprised at how much upgraded bathroom cabinetry and storage changes the feel of your home.

One of the most used spaces for homeowners and guests is the bathroom. Upgrading and short-term remodeling can substantially increase its value and look.


Consider the Design

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 Do you want a Modern, Traditional, Country, Contemporary, Rustic or another style?

 How we achieve these styles for your bathroom space is part of the skill-set we bring to every bathroom remodel or upgrade. We determine design specifications by considering the needs and wants of our clients.

 Only then can we begin the process of putting together the plan for dimension, quality, fabrication, and placement of your bathroom components. 


Consider the Color

 From light to dark, the color of wood and stain for a bathroom is an important choice not to be made by simple preference or mood.

 Considering color requires matching walls, floor and counters in a way that aims for a given style.

 Color coordinating cabinets is a part of our specialty we provide on every project.

 We cannot stress enough the importance of choosing the right color combination to produce the high quality project everyone ultimately desires in a project.


Consider the Types of Wood

 We know the different grains and wood that are not only aesthetic, but last.

 There was a push in previous decades for MDF (medium density fiberboard), but the price of a cheaper solution was settling for a less quality structure. Unfortunately, settling produces later issues to deal with like easily worn, cracked and warped cabinets.

 We use plywood for the boxed portion of the cabinet. Maple, Red Oak and Knotty Alder and other wood types are those we recommend to provide quality and structure for the cabinet faces.

 Choosing the right wood depends on the size and usability required for each space. You will be happy to know how much we understand the basics of wood.


Let’s Begin

Are you ready to make your powder room into a dream space?

Have you begun a bathroom project, but cannot finish?