Make Your Kitchen Cabinetry Stylish and Functional

Wonderful kitchens are designed with color, specific charm, and functionality for cooking.

Our clients have expressed appreciation for 3 main things:

  • Style – How to achieve what is appealing to the eyes in a kitchen is usually the first question a customer has. We consider first the style and what elements make that look come to life in your kitchen.
  • Functionality – This means there is a place for everything and everything has a place. There is a purpose for the main, side and corners of cabinets, shelves and drawers. Maximizing the main functions homeowners typically do in their day to day kitchen activities is our standard.
  • Use of space – Having a kitchen that maximizes space by implementing custom drawer, pull-out, garbage containers, and shelving. This saves time and frustration that homeowners want to save when doing what counts in the everyday space – cooking and entertaining.

The biggest gathering place for our clients home and their guests is the kitchen.

So naturally, we want each project to be compelling and a space you are excited to live in.

Choice of Style

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 Typical kitchen styles are Modern, Traditional, Contemporary, Rustic or Country. There are many styles to choose from.

 How to achieve the desired styles for your kitchen is our goal.

 Communicating your preferred patterns, look and feel of your kitchen space is going to enhance the full project.

 If you are confused about which style to choose or is best for your kitchen, not to worry.

 The Madera team will help you determine what this is.



Choice of Function

 How often you cook for yourself, have family parties or holiday gatherings can require different functions than a small family use of a kitchen.

 We consider the traffic, goals for your cooking needs, and the expertise of use when determining what functionality your kitchen will need.

 Our goal is to maximize your kitchen for the current and future needs of use your household will provide. So, if you need more drawer organization, place settings stored, or will have a high volume of pots and pans floating around, we design based on those functions.


Choice of Use

 Our team knows you use your kitchen differently than others. We do not assume there is only one way to utilize a kitchen.

 That is why we ask how you will be using your kitchen space or dream to use your space.

 This helps determine our design for how many drawers, cabinets, pull out specialty items to include for your uses. Our custom cabinetry makes customers excited to build or rebuild a kitchen of their dreams, because we put every space to use possible.

 We consider and provide suggestions for using your space the right way. 

Some customers find they do not know where or how to begin.

The good news is you don’t have to know all of the answers upfront to get your kitchen remodel planned and started.