The Littles

Lane Bobby
December 23, 2014
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The Littles

Hello Cesar,

I just wanted to send you this note to ‘Thank You’ for how absolutely wonderful the new kitchen in our Newcome Drive house turned out.

I so very much appreciate your artisanship, craftsmanship and hard work. I realize I had requested many specific details. I am grateful to you for the time you took to meet personally with me so you could fully understand how I wanted the kitchen to look. I am THRILLED ! !

In any kitchen remodeling, the appliances are generic. The counter top and the floors are important. But, the absolute fact of remodeling a kitchen is that high quality wood cabinets like you ‘create’ are essential to a great final look.

The kitchen turned out so beautiful that I emailed photos to everyone in the family. You have made our kitchen the most elegant room in the house. It has also enhanced the property value of our home.

Thank you for the attention to detail and the commitment to quality that you devoted to our cabinets to give them that ‘fine furniture’ look. Bless You for enhancing the lives of my family and all your other clients.

Forever Grateful,
Mimi Little