Hutches Go In Any Room

Image of cusotm cabinets built by madera remodeling and custom cabinets

The Hutch Goes Anywhere

A freestanding hutch is usually a two piece item and can include a display case, cabinets or both. For dining, buffet, or living spaces in the home, these are necessary for storage typically needed.

The lower portion of these pieces usually has a countertop, drawers, or cabinets.

We incorporate your design and functions needed for each one we make. High quality wood and craftsmanship make each hutch sturdy and long lasting for any room in your home.

A hutch is similar to a china cabinet, but different in the structure and design.

China cabinets are one piece and made for display and protection.

Why choose a two piece?

  • Mobility – needing to move the item in two pieces is easier
  • Storing smaller items – silver or gold utensils need drawers.
  • Counter top – having a place for buffet style or serving space for items.

Whichever one you need, Madera Remodeling can provide the best piece you will use for years – and even hand down to your family.

for your next addition to your space.