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Kitchen Island Cabinets

How to design Kitchen Island Cabinets


The know how of building kitchen island cabinets is needed not only to create the style, but engineering one to withstand its weight.

The expertise to form the island base correctly is not to be taken lightly.

Forming the base of a kitchen island takes into account 2 main concerns:

  1. The cabinets, shelving and drawers that will be included in the base.
  2. Counter top weight and size that will rest on top of the island.

Pre-build Questions

Some questions to also ask yourself and provide information to us would include:

  • Do you plan on using your island as a work and prep space?
  • Will there be large or typically smaller gatherings in your kitchen through the year?
  • Do you have a need for a certain height?
  • Will the island also be a place for seating? If so, how many are likely to sit daily?
  • For kitchen island cabinets space, what commonly used items will need to be stored there?
  • Do you need drawer or shelving storage in your kitchen island for better use?
  • Will you need a sink, thus plumbing within the island?
  • Is there a desire for electrical outlet(s) on the island for small appliances or convenience?

These and further questions are important in planning and designing the kitchen island you want and need.

Designing Begins

Once these decisions are made, we help you design the appropriate wood, style and size for your kitchen island.

Granite counter top islands and butcher top islands are popular requests, but you are not limited to these.

Drawers, garbage pulls, sliders and sink inserts are also available, as they are in higher demand these days.

Let’s get started on the center of your kitchen universe!

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