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June 6, 2022
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June 8, 2022
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T.V. Storage Area

TV surround Cabinet

Storage – Function – Style

One thing that has changed is focusing on organizing and adjusting to the t.v. storage space provided.

Many residences have the need for a surrounding space for a television.

As a staple in the home, often in quantities of 3 or more, televisions have evolved in size and weight.

This means generating a custom design. We work with you to gain the maximum coverage wanted for the space you desire. This particular project offers an example of an arch design that incorporates shelving and cabinets. The combination offers a space for storage and display.

Organization is a priority. When you are selecting a space to enhance with shelving or cabinets, consider the general types of items you are needing to use now and those you could add in the future. Simplicity for organizing a space is the key.

Choose a focal point. Whether the focal point of your living area is a t.v., painting, or other object – we take into consideration the best look and functional design.

Style does not have to be boring. Many of our customers are concerned with raising the stylish standards for their space. Remember that the style you choose does not have to be plain nor too overwhelming. Turning an area into a place you can be excited about is part of the goal of style to replace what was once a ‘boring’ place!